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Work sucks. Which would be why I'm not doing any. . .

So who does Terrell Owens think he is, and why has he not fired his stupid agent yet? I have yet to see anything positive coming out of THAT relationship. What a waste of talent (TO, that is; not sure the agent has a talent except for screwing things up and then dodging the media with his standard response, "Next question"). Whatever. . .

On a happier note, I worked out today--my quest to rid myself of pregnancy pounds continues. It would be easier if I hadn't packed on 10 extra pounds PRE-pregnancy. . . But who knows, maybe those 10 pounds helped me to finally get pregnant (it took us 2 1/2 years to get there). Doesn't make it any easier to look at my big, squishy, stretch-marked belly, though. Sheesh. At least some of my regular clothes fit, enough to get me through the work week.

Diet-wise, I will be so fucking glad when all the stupid Halloween candy is gone at work. I happen to sit next to the magical self-refilling candy bowl. . . ugh. And I apparently can't help myself, even when it's candy I don't like. WTF? Oh well, diet resumes after the candy is gone, unless I find another reason not to diet, which is entirely possible.

Dylan is *awesome*, though--makes everything worth it, even the squishy belly. I live to make him smile & laugh (much easier now that he's clearly ticklish). Can't wait to get out of here and spend some time with him.

Speaking of getting out of here, I should probably do a few minutes of real work or something. After all, they are paying me, and I don't think it's so I can spend all day on the internet.

2:12 p.m. - 2005-11-09


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